Sculpting experiences and shaping spaces, Studio Belatuk was established and based in Kuantan.
Being a design and build company, Studio Belatuk has worked on various projects ranging from architectural designs, interior designs, renovation works, and builds. 
Believing that good design must meet the fundamental basis of function, budget, time, and aesthetic, Studio Belatuk has produced various designs to suit clients' requirements.
Comprising of a small team of dedicated and innovative architects, designers, and project managers, Studio Belatuk ventures to achieve our goals with great emphasis in design creativity, research, and development in the discipline of interior design &  architecture while constantly seeking to redefine and rethink spaces beyond conventional perception of space. Studio Belatuk does not merely create aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces, instead, they believe that spaces too, require soul – they strive for quality in substance.
Headed by experienced Architects, Interior Designers, and Builders we provide design solutions to meet our client's needs from the very first meeting and hearing our client's vision of their homes, to the moment we finished crafting while ensuring the whole process to be an enjoyable experience for our client.
Established in 2020, the team has been growing ever since. Founded as a two-man team by Syafiq and Ikman, the team now comprises 10 ambitious youngsters of various backgrounds. 
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